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Monday, May 5, 2014

We Have Foundation Walls

Well, things are moving along now. They poured concrete last Thursday and even poured our neighbors footers (we are going to be sandwiched between Venice's). I think they will probably water proof them sometime this week. This weekend we stopped by the lot and with all the rain we had early last week, we discovered some interesting prints in the mud, which we took pictures of. I guess that is the bonus of bumping up to woods. Wildlife! Yesterday we walked in the woods and i'll be damned if there wasn't a what we believe to be a turkey and Jen spooked it. Looks like I might need to buy a Turkey Call :-)

One thing that kind of bothered me was the smell of oil or fuel on the lot. I'm not sure if it coming from the ground or if it is from the house next to us that just got their asphalt driveway. Has anyone else experienced this? I guess that is something I will pay attention to the next few trips out. We are hoping the lumber gets delivered this week so the next phase can start. Meanwhile, just a few pics of the last visit.

Deer Prints

Queen of the Hill

Turkey Prints

The back

The supports have since been removed


  1. Congrats on progress!

    I'm a former Jersey girl but have lived in the South for quite a while... it's really interesting to see all these basement homes being built. We have some crawlspaces here and very few basements. Most are built on a slab of concrete just above ground level.

  2. Nice! Love how your backyard has so much privacy.

  3. Thanks..yes, we are very glad to have a basement. It will come in handy on football sundays and anytime we have kids spending the night where they can chill and not keep us up all night with giggles and laughing , especially when I have to get up at 3:45 am for work.

  4. Looks great!! The only gas smell we had was from the propane heater running nonstop, but I doubt that's happening for you now. Critters! Love our critters and birds, it's so peaceful. Great snag on your lot!