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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lumber Has Arrived!

Just a few more pics. Not much has happened in the last week. Looks like they ran some water lines in the basement. It's hard to see without actually being able to get in there easily.

Pic taken 12 May

Lumber arrived 13 May. New Venice neighbor house that that was just completed in background

As promised by the PM, lumber made it to our lot on on 13 May. I drove by yesterday in the evening before work and I saw 5 guys working , so I was sure they were prepping to put walls up. I went out again tonight before work, and have seen no progress or signs of framing. The PM did say they would back fill first and hopefully by the end of the weekend we should see some framing progress. I'm cautiously optimistic since it is supposed to rain another 2-5" between now and the Friday night. Not sure if they would frame in the rain but you never know. Has anyone else been framed in rainy/inclement weather? I'm just curious if that is a show stopper.


  1. They didn't do any framing for us while it rained/snowed. But all they really need are two nice days and bam, you have a skeleton of a house!

  2. Oh boy... The two of you have been waiting forever to start. I know how much our more minor delays have upset me. Of course, the delays you're experiencing do seem to be out of RH's control but it can't make it feel any better.

    I'm seriously wishing for some good weather for you. Hopefully the rain will get out of the way by tomorrow evening and they can start framing on Saturday! Chrissie is right of course... they do have the skeleton done in a matter of days.

    Wishing you some serious good luck!