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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Next Projects

Well, it's been 10 months or so since we moved in, and summer is fast approaching. Last year we spent all our time sitting in the garage or grilling on the driveway. with spring time here and birds chirping, this summer will be spent grilling in the back yard. We initially wanted to add a deck  and eventually enclose it, however after getting a couple estimates on building a deck, we decided it just wasn't economical. Lowes ...yes Lowes quoted a deck that didn't even have railings to cost over $12K!!! And we're not talking about composite materials either, but treated lumber. After doing our research we decided to build a patio because it was MUCH cheaper for more square footage.  We have hired a company to build us a stamped concrete patio and it costs 1/3 of what it would to put a deck on the house.  We can't wait to grill and spend time on it. I even bought a smoker to use as well so I can punch my Man Card and spend hours out there smoking meat. It will also be nice to let the Rommel out instead of always walking out the front and around the house for him to potty. We will also have a box garden and some flower beds probably around the patio.

We have our patio furniture selected and umbrella. Just waiting on the patio to be completed next week.

Beginning of a patio. Notice the shitty grass bare spots because of run off and shitty rocky top soil

I didn't want to have a standard square patio, but rather free flowing odd shape. 
This is the pattern we have chosen for our stamped  concrete patio: Flagstone with  medium gray color.

Table and Chair selection

Umbrella selection

Another project this spring is to fix the landscaping. The job Ryan Homes with landscaping and grass SUCKED ASS!!! This grass is horrible. They gave us the shittiest top soil, if any at all. We have so many bare spots and rocks, I will need to reseed and treat the whole yard again. I had a piece of siding that they just buried sticking out and had to dig it up before my dog cuts his foot on it running. It is going to be a lot of work getting the yard looking half way decent. They should have just put sod down for us instead of trying to save a buck with shitty top soil and seed, but what else do you expect from Ryan Homes?

Last and not least, what would an update be without a pic of Rommel? He is no longer the small puppy, but a big softy Guardian that will take up half the bed!!

10 Month Follow Up And Repairs

Ok, OK, so I have been slacking on this whole blog thingy. It has been 10 months or so since we settled and we have had Ryan Homes come back to fix some things. Overall, I think the house held up OK with the settlement. The only significant nail pops we have is the basement ceiling. the house didn't have too many cracks in the walls and ceiling as I had imagined. I will probably wait until the very last second to schedule my "1 Year Drywall Repairs"  until summer and let house settle a bit more. Attached are some pics of typical settlement issues we had. There are more issues, but these were some that bothered me most.

Caulking gaps from settlement

Cabinet seperating from settlement

Floorboards coming apart

Seperation  cracks 

Rusty screws in the shower? Really? the contractor they hired used wrong kind. Piss poor quality.

More cracking in the MBR shower