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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pre-Settlement Demonstration And Settlement Dates

Things are moving along nicely. They have put up most of the drywall, poured the front stoop and sidewalk and it wont be long before the siding goes up and perhaps they will start putting in some appliances and cabinets. The drywall went up in a matter of 2 days with the exception of the garage, where all our cabinets are stored.

Earlier this week I got my official address along with  Pre-Settlement Demonstration and Settlement dates from Ryan Homes. As it stands now, they have scheduled July 28th for our Demonstration and July 29th to close. That is almost a week later than what NVR told me initially. I'm not exactly thrilled about the week delay, since we are excited to move and it only gives me 2 days of wiggle room on my rate lock. Furthermore, it forces me to take a day off work, so I'm trying to get the PM to move the demonstration day to Friday the 25th, a regular day off for me and Jen. Our PM is great and has always been willing to work with us, and he said he could possibly do it in the afternoon that day, saving me a day of vacation. I also took the time to go measure windows yesterday. Most windows are 35" (or close enough) , but some of them were like 34 3/4" or maybe even 34 1/2" on one. Has anyone else encountered some variance in window frame sizes?

Here are a few pics of the progress so far. I know the quality isn't the best since it is from my phone, but for now, it's the best I can do.

Family Room 

4th BR

Kitchen/Dinette from Family Room

Looking toward Foyer

Family Room

front BR

MBR Panorama

Top of stairs facing MBR
Basement Panorama
Foyer Panorama

Rommel the Guardian practicing his attack skills

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rate Lock

After a very long week of 7 night shifts, I was awoken by a call from NVR yesterday afternoon. To be honest I was just so tired, I wanted to get off the phone as soon as I could after hearing what the rate for the day was. Funny how they want you to make decisions right then on the spot. Initially, when I signed my Purchase agreement and got my good faith deposit, it was based on a rate of 4.25% fixed rate VA loan. Yesterday, they told me the rate was 4%, which only required the origination fee. Since that is included in closing, and I'm getting back most of my Good Faith Deposit, I decided I would go ahead and lock in at 4% for 45 days. 45 days takes us to 31 July, so gives us a week of flexibility on closing. The rate has been competitive to what USAA was offering me, so I went with NVR. USAA will be my back up plan if anything horribly goes wrong. I suppose I could have asked about buying down the rate further, but I need to buy another Living Room set for the man cave, blinds, paint etc.  Now we will wait on whatever papers NVR sends us to complete the lock process. I can live with 4%.  I just hope the rate does not go down too much between now and closing and make me regret locking so early.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pre-Drywall Meeting And Tentative Closing Date

Not sure if it was a good thing, but I scheduled Friday the 13th, for our Pre-Drywall meeting at noon since it was the only day my girlfriend was off and honestly, I just wanted it over with. Initially the PM wanted to do it next week. Since I have been working night shift this week, I knew I was punishing myself by scheduling it so early. I didn't get home from work til about 7:30, got in bed around 8 or so, and had to wake up at 11:30 to make our 12:00 meeting. (I know, it's not much time, but I been known to shower in less than 2 minutes, and out the door in 10 minutes). The military will do that to you. No sweat. All I need is 3 hours of sleep. We only live about 7 miles or so away from our lot. Everything went well. The meeting only lasted about 30 minutes. We are on track for a mid-to-late July completion date. I really didn't have a lot of questions, but instead just focused on listening to what he was saying about being an Energy Star home and how they seal every crack and crevice.  Our fireplace arrived and will be installed and framed in the next week. Guardian was there pre-wiring the phone, cable and data while we were having our meeting. 
We did ask our PM about the landscaping because friends of ours got 3 trees, and one of the trees was practically planted right next to the house and actually had to be moved. He said they got a Sycamore and Cherry Trees. We do not want a Sycamore or Maple. We told him that we want a Redbud or some flowering tree. Who is their right mind wants a Sycamore in the front yard?

Received an email from NVR Loan Processor that they are showing a tentative closing date of 23 July and that they will let me know what if anything they will need from me. I swear, what else could they need? They are going to complete the appraisal and forward em a copy of  an "appraisal acknowledgement form" for me to sign and date. I am hoping it comes back higher than what I paid for it. Most blogs I have read seem to have had higher appraisals.  I also requested they start letting me know about the rates, because it is time to start looking at locking in a rate.

On a side note, Friday the 13th, Full Moon  and all has ended up biting me in the ass with bad luck. Today, my A/C stopped blowing cold air in my car after the pre-drywall meeting and I immediately knew the A/C compressor was bad. This happened to me exactly 3 years ago during the summer. Honda has already identified this to be an issue a few years ago. Unfortunately for me, even though they had extended the warranty on the A/C part to 7 years or 100K miles, I was over the mileage then and of course am now. For the second time in 2 years, I have been forced to shell out $1200 to fix it. Talk about a bad luck Friday the 13th!! I didn't like spending that kind of money before closing, but what can you do? At least I don't need any money at settlement based on the last GFE.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Curious Guests And A Few Progress Pics

Hi folks...Not much new going on. The roof has shingles now and some inside work with HVAC has started, and I assume the plumbers will be starting soon. Jen and I stopped by the house yesterday just to do a walk through and take some pics and to our surprise, we weren't the only visitors! As we walk down we hear voices upstairs. I thought at first perhaps it was contractors working on the weekend, but then they come down stairs and I see it is two young teenage boys that live in the neighborhood. The words out of his mouth were " OMG, this is awkward. We are sorry. Are you the owners? " LOL...Of course we told them we are the owners and it was OK to look around since it is open and all. We don't want to seem like the mean asses of the neighborhood before even moving in ...;) PM won't lock it up until appliances get put in anyway. The young kid asked us if we had kids and then said they need more boys because there are too many girls already in the neighborhood. I kind of chuckled because from the young kids mannerisms and voice, I can see why maybe he seemed disappointed in the fact we only have girls. ;-)... They seemed like good kids none the less. I know once they start running wires, the PM will install a camera to make sure thieves that are tempted to steal copper don't do it. Friends of ours who our building a Ravenna said their neighbor told them everyone on their street across the neighborhood has been in their house so it seems to be the norm. Since I was kind of curious myself of our neighbors Venice, I ended up touring their home just to see the insides myself and to check out their "options". Below are some pics of some of the progress. Excuse the quality since I usually only take pictures on my phone. I'll take better pics once we have some drywall.

Top of stairs looking toward Master Bedroom

Looking through mudroom/laundry room into Garage

Looking forward to Christmas Stocking hanging there

Future finished Man Cave w/rough in powder room


Sandwiched between Venices

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Update With Pics

Got some pictures emailed to me from our PM. Things moved really quick in the last day. It is nearly completely framed, minus a few things on the inside. Once complete the PM will inspect it along with local inspectors to ensure nothing was missed. Then the Rough HVAC starts, followed by plumbers and electricians. Looks like we will be scheduling our pre-drywall meeting in the next week or so. Here are a couple pics sent to us from the PM.

Wish I would have gotten the optional window. Oh well.


Eventually, there will be a screened in porch and patio back here