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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Backfill And Slab Complete: Framing Is Next!

After being told that our slab and framing would be started last week, finally last Monday they finished backfilling the garage, basement and around the house with dirt and gravel. They poured concrete on Wednesday, so framing should start any day now. With it being a Memorial weekend, I won't hold my breath that much will get done by next week. I have noticed that since they are building a Venice next to us, and I think another Florence up the street, they seem to work on one house at a time. When I got back filled, the Venice was back filled the next day. After our slab was poured, the very next day the neighbors house was poured. And then the other house up the street as well. It seems like a cycle going on. Each of our houses gets a day of attention and then they move to the next. I feel selfish a times because I want them to focus on my house and work only on our house..:)

I did get to meet our neighbor new future neighbor who was out watering his lawn. It looks like the 4 inches of rain really helped him, as he has a decent amount already and I don't think they have been in the house more than 2 weeks. He seems OK. They don't have kids or pets. Don't know about the other Venice neighbors yet.

In NVR news, they suddenly ask me about "terms and conditions" on my mutual funds. Seriously? First of all, it's been 5 months now since I signed my agreement and I was told I was good to go last month. Why is that important and who the hell reads or keeps those anyway? Nobody keeps or reads terms and conditions. So annoying.

On happier note, we are picking up our little guardian German Shepherd Puppy on Memorial Day. Luckily the breeder is going to meet us halfway since they live 270 miles away. Saves us a little gas and time. We will post pics of him maybe in our next post, and hopefully a house with walls and roof too.


  1. I too noticed the cyclical pattern and we're in NC. I wondered if there's a cost savings benefit to doing it that way or, perhaps more likely, it would no doubt be easier for the PM. Why schedule framing multiple times when you can schedule it once? ... that's not MY attitude but wondering if some PM's see it that way.

    To me, the cycle thing seemed to slow things down some in the beginning of the process but seems to have gotten smoother lately.

    1. That's what I was thinking also. I think it just helps them manage multiple houses at once when they can schedule things all at once vs. here and there.