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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Has It Been 4 Months Already?

Hiya folks,

I know, I know. You don't have to say it. I've been pretty bad at keeping ya'll updated.  I will seriously try to get some pics up soon though. I can't believe it is almost time to celebrate Christmas in our new home. Where has time gone? Believe it or not, we are only 90% unpacked from our move lol...slackers we have been. Not to mention it is football season and between that and work and our guardian Rommel, time is a little more scarce then before.

Things for the most part have been pretty good. Ryan Homes are going up everywhere it seems. They've probably added at least 10 new homes since summer. I know in the last blog entry, I had some issues with my vent Registers. AirTron did come out and fix them and all is well. As far as the heating and cooling issues we had with the hot air upstairs in the summer, well AirTron also fixed that for us. We actually still have our dampers on the AC unit set for summer. I suppose I will switch the dampers to winter setting to keep more warm air downstairs. I wonder if it is even necessary? We keep the temp set between 67-69 degrees and it feels fine, even when its cold out.
Also, if you think you can just go to Lowes or Home Depot for an air filter, you might be surprised that it needs to be ordered, and they aren't cheap. Luckily, you don't have to change the filter often. Once or twice per year

The main issue we are having right now, besides the house settling and nail pops becoming more and more evident, especially in the basement ceiling, is that our powder room toilet tank doesn't always fill up after flushing without jiggling the handle vigorously. I will be calling the plumber who installed it this week. It is getting on my nerves to say the least. 

There is an abundance of wildlife in and around the neighborhood which we always enjoy watching. Every time I'm in the kitchen, I find myself looking outside in hopes of seeing deer or turkey or anything that will visit. Well, since I'm at work,on the night shift and I better be somewhat productive, I'll just post a few pics of some wildlife and our growing Guardian :) 

Pic of Turkeys taken from master bedroom. Had to take it with blinds down because believe it or not, they have very good hearing and spook easy

More turkeys on lot across the street this fall. We counted 13 altogether.

Rommel aka "Rommi or Rommski" just taking a break from playing fetch

Two does that paid us a visit in the back yard. This is frequent occurrence. Hunting could be so easy if I wanted lol

Rommi with his "sister" Harley. They've actually become closer than any cat and dog should

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :) 

**Note** Be careful with garland on the mantle. The fireplace puts out  a lot of heat and actually started to melt some plastic hooks holding it up.