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Monday, March 31, 2014

We have Permits, a Pre-Construction Meeting scheduled ....and a Hole!

Well after the last few weeks of delay and frustration, we finally have permits. Our SR let us know last week that the permits were finally approved, and they wanted to schedule the Pre-Construction meeting ASAP, but due to my work schedule, I had to schedule for the 3rd of April, since I can't simply take off work between 10am -2pm without significant notice. This week I don't start work til 2, so we will be able to do it from 10 -12pm.  The SR told us they were excavating that week, so I was curious and drove by to see if there was any dirt being moved and boooyahh, our "Hole" aka future basement was being dug. I do have some questions to ask and I'm sure we will sit down and come up with a list to ask the PM. Any suggestions?

And is it me or is NVR annoying with all their requests? NVR again has asked for more documents for closing and I have given just about everything they needed. They are more intrusive than the NSA and CIA combined. I have had easier times obtaining my security clearance from the government then getting this loan "FINAL" approved. Taking a line from Maverick in "Top Gun": If the government trusts me, maybe they should" .

As most people do with these blogs, I will take pictures of my "Hole" where a house will go and post them this weekend. Finally progress, and I feel like maybe it will move fast from here on out.