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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Framing Update And Rommel aka "Rommski the Guardian" Pics

Got an update from our PM yesterday afternoon and he basically said the reason why they had to stop framing this week was the framing crew got into a car accident. Everything is supposedly fine, but they had to take a couple days off because they couldn't keep up with schedule of framing our house and our neighbors on lot 64.  He did state that they would have "2" crews out this weekend and were going to crown the roof of both our houses on Monday. I'm very very skeptical about that. Not sure how they can frameboth houses in 3 days especially since they hadn't even started on our neighbors Venice yet. But we will drive by later today or tomorrow to verify.

In the mean time, here are a couple pics of what it looks like so far as I drove by earlier in the week, along with some much anticipated pictures of our 9 week old lil Guardian "Rommski" fur baby.

Our 1st floor framed framed as we drive past neighbors lumber

Our house from street

drive by

Rommel aka "Rommski" showing off his floppy ears. It's hard to be upset when he has "accidents" in the house. 

Our cat Shadow watching Rommel sleep or plotting his death. I think she has finally come to terms that he is staying ;)

Rommski stole my house slipper and retreated to his crate. 

UPDATE : Took a trip out on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday they had a crew working on the second floor frame. No work was done on Sunday so it looks like there wasn't "2" crews out after all working on both houses this weekend. Too bad, because the weather was Perfect! I know the neighbor is going to be upset after being told their house was going to be framed by Monday. Took a pic of my progress. I was going to go inside, but just don't think it is worth it until we have a roof and I see no lumber remaining.

2nd Floor Walls are up


  1. You're making me want a new puppy... I am NOT getting a puppy darn you!
    He really is adorable.

    1. I know...I swore I would never own a dog and now I can't help but look forward to seeing him when I get off work, even though those baby teeth hurt like heck!

  2. Oooooh Rommski! So adorable! Love the pic with the cat

    1. Yes, they are slowly learning to get along. All he wants to do is play, but she doesn't know that and probably thinks he wants to eat her. Of course Shadow puts him in his place when he gets too close.