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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Got Appliances...Time To Pack Up

Coming down the home stretch now. Friday we got our appliances, minus the dryer which will be delivered Monday. Apparently it got banged up or something, so it needed to be swapped out. No big deal. As long as it is in by the end of the week I'll be happy. Looks like gas was hooked up for our fireplace also. The only thing left is for the plumbers to do their thing and some last minute trim touch ups, paint, closet shelves, cleaning etc. It is really, really close now. Probably looking at 90% complete. I'm off work til next weekend, so I'll be busy packing and finalizing/transferring some utilities changes for the new house. We did get to feel the carpet and walk on it. It isn't exactly the softest I've ever felt. I can see maybe changing it further down the road in the basement. Damnit, I should have upgraded or added more padding. I do like the Berber Carpet though in the rest of the house. I am hoping it holds up to the wear and tear of 2 cats, a dog and our kiddos. Here's just a few more pics I took while doing a quick walk thru Friday.



Basement rough-in
This poor dog was apparently abandoned and dropped off at our house and neighbors house and it hung around waiting for someone to let it in for 2 days. Finally called Animal control who came by and picked her up. She was old and full of worms according to Animal Control Officer. I hope they are able to find it a good home.


Jen and her imaginary toilet

Kitchen /Dinette Tropical Cherry flooring

Berber Carpet


  1. I heard berber carpet is mad durable for homes with pets and children. So you did the right choice. I too, wish we upgraded on the carpet but we were pushing our budget... House is looking good!! Woo Hoo almost there!

    1. Budget really limited us also. Oh well..We can always upgrade later.

  2. Oh wow! I am soooo exciting to see it all happening for you all! My mother-in-law has berber for the grand-kiddos and it is very durable as Kimmie pointed out! Way-to-go and lookin' good!