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Monday, July 7, 2014


NVR finally sent me a copy my appraisal today needed for my VA loan.. They needed me to sign the Acknowledgement of Receipt and send it back to them, which I did within 5 minutes. This the second to last item needed to close. The only other thing they need is a paystub from my next payday in 2 weeks and then my NVR harrassment will officially come to a close. Hallelujah.  

The good news is at least is that the house appraised for for slightly higher than the selling price. My only question is it seems to only take into account above grade rooms and not the finished basement. Is this normal? I really don't have the time nor do I feel like reading through all 24 pages of it at the moment, but seems to me, it could have been perhaps a itsy bitsy teenie weenie higher. In any case, I'm happy to be one step closer to closing.


  1. I was wondering the exact same thing this morning. We are building a Venice in Virginia with a finished basement as well. This is what I found
    And this:

    1. I certainly hope it doesn't make it more taxable. Thanks for sharing. That was very useful information.

  2. Kay where in wva did you build? I am suppose to go to closing on Febuary 1,2017 and am getting nervous about this (long story) right now more worried about the VA appraisal more than anything. Can youblend some insight on how the VA appraises new construction since you have been in this situation