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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pre-Settlement Demonstration And Settlement Dates

Things are moving along nicely. They have put up most of the drywall, poured the front stoop and sidewalk and it wont be long before the siding goes up and perhaps they will start putting in some appliances and cabinets. The drywall went up in a matter of 2 days with the exception of the garage, where all our cabinets are stored.

Earlier this week I got my official address along with  Pre-Settlement Demonstration and Settlement dates from Ryan Homes. As it stands now, they have scheduled July 28th for our Demonstration and July 29th to close. That is almost a week later than what NVR told me initially. I'm not exactly thrilled about the week delay, since we are excited to move and it only gives me 2 days of wiggle room on my rate lock. Furthermore, it forces me to take a day off work, so I'm trying to get the PM to move the demonstration day to Friday the 25th, a regular day off for me and Jen. Our PM is great and has always been willing to work with us, and he said he could possibly do it in the afternoon that day, saving me a day of vacation. I also took the time to go measure windows yesterday. Most windows are 35" (or close enough) , but some of them were like 34 3/4" or maybe even 34 1/2" on one. Has anyone else encountered some variance in window frame sizes?

Here are a few pics of the progress so far. I know the quality isn't the best since it is from my phone, but for now, it's the best I can do.

Family Room 

4th BR

Kitchen/Dinette from Family Room

Looking toward Foyer

Family Room

front BR

MBR Panorama

Top of stairs facing MBR
Basement Panorama
Foyer Panorama

Rommel the Guardian practicing his attack skills


  1. Looking great! And the windows thing, yup, we had exactly one that was off. All the standard windows were 35" except for just one in the morning room. It annoys my husband to no end. You can't tell with your naked eye, but I swear he twitches every time he walks past it. We do t have blinds on the windows in the morning room, so can't comment on how it will effect that. He did ask our PM and he said it's due to shimming and such.

    1. I guess we could play it safe since we'll be having inside mounts and just say they are all just a hair under 35".

  2. The house is really progressing nicely!

    Our windows varied as well; all except three of the windows are roughly 35" -- not sure if they're off by 1/4-inches. However, we found out the hard way that bedrooms 2, 3 and 4 all have 38" windows. I have yet to place our FOURTH order for blinds. ::slapping both myself and husband for that mess::

    1. Well don't slap yourselves too hard ... ;-) ...It's amazing how fast the costs add up and any error only increases it. I hope your next order is it for you guys.

  3. Love how everything is coming together! I should start buying some blinds too... sigh.