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Friday, June 13, 2014

Pre-Drywall Meeting And Tentative Closing Date

Not sure if it was a good thing, but I scheduled Friday the 13th, for our Pre-Drywall meeting at noon since it was the only day my girlfriend was off and honestly, I just wanted it over with. Initially the PM wanted to do it next week. Since I have been working night shift this week, I knew I was punishing myself by scheduling it so early. I didn't get home from work til about 7:30, got in bed around 8 or so, and had to wake up at 11:30 to make our 12:00 meeting. (I know, it's not much time, but I been known to shower in less than 2 minutes, and out the door in 10 minutes). The military will do that to you. No sweat. All I need is 3 hours of sleep. We only live about 7 miles or so away from our lot. Everything went well. The meeting only lasted about 30 minutes. We are on track for a mid-to-late July completion date. I really didn't have a lot of questions, but instead just focused on listening to what he was saying about being an Energy Star home and how they seal every crack and crevice.  Our fireplace arrived and will be installed and framed in the next week. Guardian was there pre-wiring the phone, cable and data while we were having our meeting. 
We did ask our PM about the landscaping because friends of ours got 3 trees, and one of the trees was practically planted right next to the house and actually had to be moved. He said they got a Sycamore and Cherry Trees. We do not want a Sycamore or Maple. We told him that we want a Redbud or some flowering tree. Who is their right mind wants a Sycamore in the front yard?

Received an email from NVR Loan Processor that they are showing a tentative closing date of 23 July and that they will let me know what if anything they will need from me. I swear, what else could they need? They are going to complete the appraisal and forward em a copy of  an "appraisal acknowledgement form" for me to sign and date. I am hoping it comes back higher than what I paid for it. Most blogs I have read seem to have had higher appraisals.  I also requested they start letting me know about the rates, because it is time to start looking at locking in a rate.

On a side note, Friday the 13th, Full Moon  and all has ended up biting me in the ass with bad luck. Today, my A/C stopped blowing cold air in my car after the pre-drywall meeting and I immediately knew the A/C compressor was bad. This happened to me exactly 3 years ago during the summer. Honda has already identified this to be an issue a few years ago. Unfortunately for me, even though they had extended the warranty on the A/C part to 7 years or 100K miles, I was over the mileage then and of course am now. For the second time in 2 years, I have been forced to shell out $1200 to fix it. Talk about a bad luck Friday the 13th!! I didn't like spending that kind of money before closing, but what can you do? At least I don't need any money at settlement based on the last GFE.

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