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Monday, June 9, 2014

Curious Guests And A Few Progress Pics

Hi folks...Not much new going on. The roof has shingles now and some inside work with HVAC has started, and I assume the plumbers will be starting soon. Jen and I stopped by the house yesterday just to do a walk through and take some pics and to our surprise, we weren't the only visitors! As we walk down we hear voices upstairs. I thought at first perhaps it was contractors working on the weekend, but then they come down stairs and I see it is two young teenage boys that live in the neighborhood. The words out of his mouth were " OMG, this is awkward. We are sorry. Are you the owners? " LOL...Of course we told them we are the owners and it was OK to look around since it is open and all. We don't want to seem like the mean asses of the neighborhood before even moving in ...;) PM won't lock it up until appliances get put in anyway. The young kid asked us if we had kids and then said they need more boys because there are too many girls already in the neighborhood. I kind of chuckled because from the young kids mannerisms and voice, I can see why maybe he seemed disappointed in the fact we only have girls. ;-)... They seemed like good kids none the less. I know once they start running wires, the PM will install a camera to make sure thieves that are tempted to steal copper don't do it. Friends of ours who our building a Ravenna said their neighbor told them everyone on their street across the neighborhood has been in their house so it seems to be the norm. Since I was kind of curious myself of our neighbors Venice, I ended up touring their home just to see the insides myself and to check out their "options". Below are some pics of some of the progress. Excuse the quality since I usually only take pictures on my phone. I'll take better pics once we have some drywall.

Top of stairs looking toward Master Bedroom

Looking through mudroom/laundry room into Garage

Looking forward to Christmas Stocking hanging there

Future finished Man Cave w/rough in powder room


Sandwiched between Venices


  1. Haha that's cute. Hopefully they find someone their age to hang out with! Your Florence is coming along great! How's your neighbor's Venice? I'm trying to spot any Venice bloggers that are building the same time as we are... but Florences, Romes, and Palermos seem to be the popular choice this year!

    1. Yeah, I don't see too many current Venice blogs. I think the last Venice in our development is our neighbors. They removed it and replaced it with the Dunkirk model on Ryan's Homes website. In truth I enjoy reading all blogs with similar build times so I can try to gauge timing of my own completion. ;)

  2. Glad to see everything is going smoothly with your home! When I was a kid, and our neighbors house was being built, we would go in there all the time haha but we never got caught! haha!

    Everything looks great though. It will be done before you know it!