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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pre-Construction Meeting is Back On...For Now.

Not to much has changed since last post, but I have been on SR to get me updates on our permit and he says that the permit office says by "mid week" it should be approved. With that said, we have scheduled a Pre-Construction meeting for Friday the 18th of April. I had written down some questions. Since I'm off work this week I will continue to work on my list of questions. Anybody got any tips on things to ask or look out for? I have been wondering if the landscaping can be changed...i.e. not having so many Shrubs and instead getting other plants without it being considered an "upgrade" and thus costing more $$$.

All my forms, statements, DNA samples and everything else NVR wanted for the Underwriter has been sent in. According to my Loan Officer, the Underwriter doesn't have any questions and things are looking on the up-n-up. I will post again once we have had our PC meeting. With this warm weather the past 2 days, I feel like things are finally going to start taking off .


  1. If you know how you want to furnish rooms, you can ask about changing the half-hots (switched outlets). If you have a preference over a slider or swing door for a shower, now would be a good time to ask/confirm. I'd ask about visiting the site (although eventually you just start to wander in once the contractors are in the home doing work. If you want to bring in your own inspector pre-drywall, I'd let them know your intent so they can keep you in the loop on when to bring him in. Some people have changed the way a door swings (e.g., into the room or out into the hall) that went opposite of the plan. People ask about running a pvc pipe to help with wiring later on down the line. I think there are a few "Qs for Pre-Construction Meeting" posts on the RH blog circuit.

  2. Thanks J and M...Good pointers.

    1. Here's one of the good "lists" out there:

      I'd also add a few more:
      - Can you add supports/wood blocking in wall areas you might want to mount a tv?
      - I think another blogger building a Florence had an issue with a cold pantry that was solved by adding a vent, you could ask about if there's a vent in there.
      - There's always the driveway width question (will it go just the width of the garage door or a couple of feet beyond on each side?). Ours is thankfully a bit wider so those parking in the driveway don't step onto grass. Some bloggers have just worked with the concrete person to get the extra width.
      - Since it looks like you'll have different flooring on the first floor, you can ask about transition piece they use between the laminate and carpet.
      - Since you have the finished basement, I would confirm the light fixtures they use if you didn't get recessed lighting. We were surprised that ours were white instead of brushed nickel like the remainder of the house. It's six 3-light fixtures i'd have to swap out if I want to change them to match now.

  3. Thanks J and M...

    Thanks for the link and pointers. I've written down some more questions to ask. We definitely prefer a swing door vs. slider for our shower. To be honest I haven't even thought about the lights in the basement. Some natural light will be gone since I opted to move the egress window to storage room. It shall be a man cave lol...Just need to make sure it wont be in way of future covered/screened deck.
    I think the driveway will be wide enough looking at other driveways in the neighborhood and should be able to fit 4 cars on it without being in the street.
    I am rethinking the flooring. I would like laminate wood flooring down stairs in the living room/dining room eventually. I will probably need to do it later myself though. Might be able to find a better deal with Lumber Liquidators.