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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

House Price Jump Already?

Out of boredom on the night shift couple days ago, I scoured the Ryan Homes website and was surprised to see the houses in our future community rose anywhere from $10-15K and added a cheaper model (Sienna) to the availability. When we purchased our Florence, the starting price was in the $210's, and now the starting price is in the low $230's.  I read on another blog that every time Ryan Homes sells a couple houses in the community, the price jumps $10K. Not sure how accurate that is or if it is just the market, but I like it. Sell Sell Sell! Build, build, build I say! Not bad instant equity if it is true, considering the house has yet to be built.  Sure do hope the house will appraise for more than we bought it.


  1. It would be awesome if you got in right before a price increase!
    We were worried when we got around to putting a contract on our home, as the base price had went up. However, the price increase was due to additional "It's Included" options Ryan Homes added to our neighborhood -- a lot of the options we wanted anyway and RH, in our community, allowed substitution of our options at 100% credit. The only option we inquired about but could not sub was the side garage that was included in the "best" section of the community.
    So, even with the price increase, our "list price" came out about the same for a few more features.

  2. Yes, our model had a $25K price increase since we signed contract about 2 months ago. The lot prices are the same in the new phase (lake front) but there are lot premiums which is not included in the price. Like what Byefornoww mentioned, the SR did say that included in the new contracts are options that we had to pay for back then like recessed lightings, trim, etc. So price would be about the same and probably the increase is just part of some marketing strategies. SR also mentioned that they might decrease the price a bit since the aggressive price increase slowed down the sales, but it will never be lower than what we paid for. Hubby said that Ryan Homes increases the purchase price to make us (people who recently bought) feel better ;D

    I am with you hoping that the appraisal will come back higher than what we purchased the house for. Good luck to us!

  3. Well they are still offering the Value Package Savings (which is basically just a kitchen upgrade on cabinets, recessed lights and some appliances) and $5K towards closing, which was the same offer they had when I first purchased in December. I suppose it could be other options that could be included. It will be worth keeping an eye on for the next couple months for sure.