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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Signing our Purchase Agreement and Picking a Lot

When first deciding on a lot, we really liked lot 197 which was on a corner, however when we signed our purchase agreement we found out we could not choose lot 197 because someone had just purchased a lot across from it with the same Florence Model and elevation. Bummer! Off to look at a different lot while our Sales Rep worked on finishing up our contract. Needless to say, after looking at the other lots, we actually ended up liking lot 65 better because there were very few houses built on that street, in addition to us not having to drive past a bunch of Townhouses and encountering at least 6 speed bumps to get to lot 197.  It is actually closer to the community private boat Ramp on the Potomac River and community Pavilions, I think it was actually a better choice. Lot 65 it is!

Lot 65

Lot 65 backing up to woods

Lot 65 on the right as we drive up the road 

I'm glad Panhandle Homes allows Ryan Homes to use these lots! One of the other reasons why we chose this lot, is that it backs up to woods and we have seen deer on the lots

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