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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Meeting with Guardian and Options Selected (for now)

Option selections for our Florence :

- Elevation B:   Irish Thistle siding, Fiery Brown Front Door, Brown Shutters, Black Roof

- Finished Basement . We opted  for a finished basement because it allowed for more finished living space Underneath the Morning Room in the basement it only gives you additional storage room based on floor plan

- Carpet color in basement/Family/Living Room: Shadow
- Family Room Fireplace (on the side) w/ Blower remote
- Added 4th Bedroom
- Double Bowl Vanity in the Owners Bathroom
- Owners Bedroom Ceiling Fan rough in
- Owners bathroom Type A Shower .  Since we don't really take baths and are shower people, we opted to not have a tub

- Kitchen Island
- Butterum Granite countertops
- Black appliances in the kitchen (included)
- Cabinet Crown Molding in the kitchen
- Kitchen Cabinets: Maple Spice Timberlake
- Recessed lights in Kitchen
- Laminate Foyer (Tropical Cherry)
- Laminate Powder Room on first floor (Tropical Cherry)
- Laminate Kitchen floor
- Laminate Dinette
- Washer/Dryer Package (included)

We met with Guardian and have so far only decided on getting the 6 pack cable/data pre-wire and possibly 2 Room audio package pre-wire. $45 a month for security seems a bit much. Isn't that why we have insurance? Seems like we would be paying just as much for Guardians services as we would for our home insurance. I think we go without the security. We might also decide to upgrade our carpet .

Update: Floor Plans

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