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Sunday, May 3, 2015

10 Month Follow Up And Repairs

Ok, OK, so I have been slacking on this whole blog thingy. It has been 10 months or so since we settled and we have had Ryan Homes come back to fix some things. Overall, I think the house held up OK with the settlement. The only significant nail pops we have is the basement ceiling. the house didn't have too many cracks in the walls and ceiling as I had imagined. I will probably wait until the very last second to schedule my "1 Year Drywall Repairs"  until summer and let house settle a bit more. Attached are some pics of typical settlement issues we had. There are more issues, but these were some that bothered me most.

Caulking gaps from settlement

Cabinet seperating from settlement

Floorboards coming apart

Seperation  cracks 

Rusty screws in the shower? Really? the contractor they hired used wrong kind. Piss poor quality.

More cracking in the MBR shower

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